Shipping welcomes the Irelandmax, the latest word in green technology

There’s a new word to shipping’s ever expanding lexicon – the Irelandmax. Needless to say, these ships are promoted as being green.

In 2018, BG Freight Line, a fully owned subsidiary of Peel Ports Group, will take on charter four short sea container feeder vessels optimised for the company’s Irish Sea Hub services.

The ships were ordered by Turkey’s Arkon Shipping and will deliver from China’s Zhoushan Changhong International Shipyard during 2018.

The ships comply with new emission control area (ECA) requirements via installed scrubbers.

The vessels are also fully fitted for the loading of 45ft short sea containers in all positions, with room in total for 488 units. Additionally, a various number of odd sized containers can be stowed fast and securely due to a new proprietary cargo stowage system.

To minimise operational cost the vessel will be fitted with a modern two stroke main engine with very low fuel consumption. All parameters of the vessels have been optimized for the trade between the North Continent, Ireland & UK.

Koert Luitwieler, chief executive of BG Freight Line said: “As well as helping us, and our customers, to reduce their carbon emissions and costs, these custom vessels have a number of innovations to help keep us at the forefront of feeder services in the Irish Sea. We are looking forward to seeing them in service very soon.”

Ole Gabs, director of Arkon Shipping said: “We are proud to have developed and managed this project under the current difficult shipping market conditions. We believe that the future for vessel design and construction is to have close partnerships between owners and charterers, especially where there is as ambition to meet the highest environmental standards.”

Source: Splash 24/7