Cyber Security Seminar


Harbours Review Spotlight: Maritime Cyber-Security – Prepare today. Be ready tomorrow.

Ports, terminals, ships. Each on its own can be viewed as a highly complex organism, involving an enormous flow of data. And in this age, data is money. As such, it becomes a target for a wide range of threats.These threats cannot be neglected. The industry needs to become proactive in addressing cyber-security related issues. Identifying the danger and one’s vulnerabilities, assessing risk and exposure as well as having a contingency plan at hand in case something does go wrong – all of these steps have to become an integral part of each entity’s information security strategy.The HRS: Maritime Cyber-Security seminar is designed to raise awareness on managerial and executive level. Bad things happen. Be prepared for when they do.

More than a business meeting

The Harbours Review Spotlight series is not just about speeches and presentations. It is a great opportunity to acquire new contacts and engage in a dialogue with a highly involved audience. Forging new business relations has never been so easy.

Welcome to London

When holding an event, choosing the right city is just as important as crafting the agenda or inviting the right speakers. We take this very seriously and as a result, we are able to offer our participants a complete experience.

London – grand, magical, mysterious, exciting. We could go on but really, do we need to? Easily recognized as one of Europe’s and world’s greatest cities, England’s capital promises a wonderful time after a long business day. There is a saying that one should not mix business and pleasure. Never has anything been as far from truth.